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the sale of fire works on web sites like craig's list. >> whether safe or sane on legal, it's against the law to sell them on the internet. >> cal fire says in five years, they've seen an increase in these sals. agency says it's a huge business. >> we've been able to confiscate 65,000 to 100,000 pounds of illegal fire works every year through the internet and off the streets. >> and street sals still makeup most of the illegal fire works trade. these teenagers were looking for fire work autos thing is that it's ease zblee. >> no and this is -- we can't fire the fire work autos maybe they weren't looking in the right places because young entrepreneurs were out here in mass. >> the whole street down to bush street, the kids were selling on every corn year we
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bumped into a team of officers from nearby central station. police confiscated lots of fire works here and under cover officers made several arrests and seized more contraband. >> usually for 4th of july, we go where is sek sueded. >> rosheen knows how powerful m 08s can be. four years ago they were in the park watching fire works display from the wharf. people began throwing m 80s into the crowd. one exploded near her. >> we scattered and the shrapnel tore partly right hand. >> she lost most of her index finger and tendons of two other fingers were damaged. she's gone through 12
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surgeries over the years, now going to college in the east and she tells me she's become quite good at holding a drum stick with her injured hand. all of that, of course is good news. >> that is indeed. >> and safe and sane fire works are sold in santa cruz and monterey counties. to find a list go to awc 7 and there are strict rules regarding the use of the fire works and importantly, they can be set off in cities where they're sold. >> and the fire work was high temperatures will make fire danger high in the bay area this weekend. >> let's check in now with spencer christian for a look. >> this sun is going to get hotter z high temperatures into low to mid-90s and there is 78 the high in san francisco.
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69 in half moon bay. going to get hotter. we're expecting a prolonged period of hot weather. so tomorrow, looking for high temperatures climbing by a couple degrees inland. and there is 72346 san francisco. and that is just the beginning. we're going to have a hot 4th of july weekend. i'll have the forecast for new just a moment. >> and with rising heat comes rising concern about the fire danger. in san jose a fire department dealing with layoff s expects to be put to the test this summer. we're live where an engine sits idle today. >> san jose could not afford to staff every piece of apparatus, so it's resorting to brownouts, meaning firefighters won't be replaced when on vacation or sick. and engines will be sitting idle. no money for overtime means up to two engines will go out of
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service today, today, engines 29 and nine. and in adecision, staffing will be reduced from five to four. >> services are response times gorg to be longer and our ability to get multiple personnel goring to be diminished our ability to mitigate emergencies has decrease thood is considered bare bones staff afg 49 firefighters were laid off and a fire station closed last year. losing two engines on any day is the limit. >> this city can't afford to go two. and there is the amount of firefighters and trucks so there is no way they're going to go below two. >> and fire works this holiday weekend could be the city's first test of reduced fire staffing. the mayor is concerned about
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medical emergency autos this is only 5% of the calls are fire calls. about 80% are emergency medical calls so we have less equipment, less people. snoi we're going to have delays as we'll this can be disturbing to some residents. and counsel member says it puts pressure on residents to think about prevention. and her father may need to call 911. >> i don't feel very safe. i have never had circumstance wri need them. i like to know they can be there when called. it sounds like they may be delayed in timing. >> san jose will be able to count on mutual aid from neighboring fire departments,. brownouts expected to last until the city's budget situation improves. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and san francisco leaders
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reached a deal this morning on a $6.8 billion package restoring $5.5 million in proposed cuts that includes funding for substance abuse, and mental health treatment programs. it also drops the mayor's plan to outsource 71 security jobs. the sheriff's department will continue to fill those positions. and the committee found $3.5 million to fund a class at the police academy. 35 officers will receive training there. >> and oakland city officials released details of their plan to close the city's $58 million deficit. the budget relies on projected savings from two things, concessions and $28 million sale of a building owned by the redevelopment agency. 22 police officers will be rehired under terms of the agreement. and the plan also saves funding for the space and science jernt at risk of being
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cut. >> the state coffers are lighter today. sales tax drop bid 1%, costing you tlos register your car going forward good, news for drivers. fees have almost half to.65% of the value of the vehicle. and one couple who saved almost 70s whdz bought a car today was puzzled by the tax and license fee break. >> this doesn't make sense. it doesn't make sense that the lower the sales tax, and the -- just counting on the budget. >> the state needs to find money meaning there will be less money in cities and town as cross california. oakland is scrambling to meet a one and a half dollar -- million dollar short fall. and san jose almost $4 million as a result of the vehicle license fee. >> take a look. this is an eye sore, just ahead, a messy median stream athat has neighbors demanding action. >> and the frightening liquor
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store robbery caught on tape, and the auto police want to you hear to help them identify the suspects. >> in sacramento, a million and a half californians saw health insurance premium goes up today. as much as 95% in cases. why the commissioner has no
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's not uncommon sight. beautiful landscaped medians in some neighbors. >> and some residents say they got tired of looking at the messy median in their neighborhood so they contacted the i team. >> that is right.
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dan? >> the goal of our you fix it report is to get things fix wrd you live. so when a san francisco woman contacted bus the median she drives by every day, we took action. now, the city is, too. >> this palm tree died a long time ago. and and this is start with a struggling trees and a dead stump. >> then in, places we've got the weed cloths flapping in the breeze, lack of maintenance. >> we ran into another neighbor eager to talk about the dusty strip. >> just appears no one cares and soon, the property owners become indifferent to this, then, everyone becomes indifferent. >> he said the strip looked good a few years ago, but not now, and levering things to die is a waste. she would write it to have
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budget cuts if it weren't for the other lush medians seen around town. >> i think it's wonderful new immediate trin strips, i'd like to see new maintenance of what we have. >> we took the complaint to the department of public works. >> improvement? yes. there is always room for improvement. and resources are dwindling we have to figure out what the best approach is. >> deputy director says he's had to get creative, getting 300 calls a day for service and lost a hundred workers in five years. where you see the best street gardening is likely where he's partnered with a neighborhood group. he uses grant money and a summer youth program. >> there is a responsibility for the city to do its best he says he'll send the kids to monterey boulevard, and dipping into a budget to fix broken sprinklers damage bid
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cars and vandals to keep things green this time around. so what about about that snump. >> we plan on removing the dead stumps from the median. and hopefully, there is a favorite budget we won't be able to replant. >> and she knows there is less city money out there and wants her neighborhood share. >> there are other strips being spent so it's been spent a little bit over here. >> if you see something that needs fixing that isn't working upload your video or pictures at abc 7 and don't forget, include a phone number and e mail address where we can contact you thank you very much. >> and talk about a great deal. five brand new detached single family homes being sold less than half price. but not just anyone has a shot at buying them.
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and there is a report for those who do, there is a dream come true. >> this new four bedroom home is one of four that will be sold at less than the going rate. it's requiring any new development make percentage of properties available at below market rate or bmr. interest tl is one three bedroom. the four four bedrooms are $468,000. the city says comparable homes seming between 900,000s skpdz $1 million. >> if you think homeownership may be beyond your dream, take a look at. maybe it can happen. >> it could happen if you meet the eligibility criteria. you must live or work in sunnyvale and meet income requirements. a household of four could not
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exceed a number per year. the city expects a crush of interest in the houtss so this is the first lottery. usually the city just keeps a list interested in condo autos we just usually open up interest lists. last time there were 1500 people sign up. >> 30 of the town homes will be sold through the program. there is no lottery plan forward them this, man has been looking for eight months and close to buying here and disappointed he won't qualify for the program. >> we're going to stay in the same home. >> is it thoord find something out there? >> yes. definitely. $600,000, it's hard. >> the application for the houses wires a $50 fee must be submitted between july 18th and 25th. and there is winners will have
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to apply for a lone which is another thing entirely f you want to find out more about the home lottery just go to our site and look under see it on tv. and there is oakland police know something about the men who robbed a convenience store. the robbery happened may 4th on mountain boulevard. you can see three men terrorizing shop keepers. the robbers hid their faces well, police are hoping something about them is familiar to someone. and they golt away in a dark blue jeep cherokee. a man had a close encounter with a bear in lake tahoe.
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this is an increase in reports of them breaking into homes and cabins this summer, searching for food. a bear tore open the tent of the man and scratched him on the back. officials euthanized that bear. >> once they go that far, they'll return. whatever have you planned this weekend, should be beautiful. sounds like hot. >> very hot. there is a extended period of weather. there is a live view right now, and looking west across the bay bridge and where the sky is blue. it's warm. thanks to a nice warm dry flow of air today coming out of the north we had clouds swept away. it's still warm now. and there is temperatures into
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low 90s, upper 80s around the bay and 70 here in san francisco. so is it vir wallly every location is several degree warmer yesterday z half moon way bay showing no change from yesterday's 6:00 reading. mostly clear, mild tonight. sizzle began to double up tomorrow. and overnight tonight, going to be filed. mainly cloudy skies, maybe patches of fog won't work far inland. temperatures 64 in oakland and there is pretty mild overnight period. satellite shows a big massive ridge of high pressure that will be the dominant feature throughout the weekend. go tok a hot holiday weekend. and there is sunny skies,
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going to be warm throughout the central part of the state. and 98 the high in sacramento. 104 in fresno. and sunday, up to 100 in sacramento. and 79 in big sur, warm here tomorrow into the bay area, south bay, skies sunny. highs 90 in san jose z 89 in coupe tino. on the pin anyone slarks highs of 82 in san mateo. and upper 60s on the coast and there is 70 in the sunset district. and there is highs mainly low to mid-90s and near east bay highs mid to upper 80s.
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and there is mid-80s towards fremont out into inland east bay, highs mid to upper 90s, monterey bay mid to upper 70s near the bay. and here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to be hotter sunday, highs around 100 degrees, temperatures may drop off monday remaining sunny, looking like cloudy skies for the fire works displays around the bay area monday night z we bounce back up to 100 degrees tuesday. heat stays with us for a while. >> thanks spencer. >> coming up next, stepping up to science. >> a look at summer programs giving low income students a boost before entering high school.
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a company is making a unique investment this summer in young people. >> they're offering a group of students in east san jose a chance to attend a science summer camp. >> that is right. >> she's spending her summer learning about genetic diseases. and she and other 8th grade graduates are preparing for high school biology. most of these students come from under served communities. >> many haven't taken it for so many years because of no child left behind there was a focus on english and math. but it often leads to school
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being about two subjects instead of about many subjects. >> the summer program is called stepping up to science, developed by the silicon valley education foundation, spokeusing on raising student performance in skmaj science against all 33 county school districts. they have partnership was several companies like national semi conductor. national semi conductor provides the money. $350,000 to fund the program. and. >> year round we're working with teachers to make sure they have the latest tools. >> this is their future work force. companies are involved in the work we do with education. >> the camp is taking place and offering other summer programs to help students get
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on the college track. >> it's very important for me to go to college. i'll be the first one in my family to go to college. >> health insurance rates went up for many californians today. just ahead a look at efforts to give someone the power to deny increases. a stunning reversal. why the rape case against the former head of the internaggal monetary fund is in
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sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout,
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you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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good evening, once again. cost of health insurance just went way up for millions of californians today. the timing is important. it's possible that in a few weeks companies would not have been able to do what they did today. abc 7's nannette miranda explains why. >> reporter: the latest rate hike by some of the largest insurers affects 1.5 million
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callins mostly small business and individual pollly holders. the jump ranges from a small, 3%, to a whopping 92%. for some customers it's the third rate hike in less than a year. >> i have the authority now to reject excessive rate hikes for auto, homeowners insurance, but not health insurance. >> the industry says the rise in rates plea ree flekts a rise in costs, including hospitalizations and testing. >> i said i was willing to take that risk. >> premiums have gotten so bad this, 56-year-old decided $700 a month just for herself was too expensive and cancelled her health insurance. >> i didn't really understand why they would go up to much. there was no change in my health status. and i wasn't getting any additional benefits. >> the increasingly expensive policies are giving momentum to assembly bill 52, granting the commissioner powers to
6:30 pm
reject rate hikes. but the california medical association says price controls may not be the answer, because insurance industry will find a way to keep profits. that in the end hurts conconsumers. >> one way is to make cuts in the way they provide care. which means that less access to physicians and care z less benefits. >> they're charging more than is necessary to cover costs going drive more people off the rolls and into our emergency rooms. >> and there is a key committee vote on wednesday. states give powers to reject rate hikes from the industry. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> and congress has one month to raise the limit on how many the u.s. can borrow. and lawmakers ledged to work through the holiday weekend.
6:31 pm
democrats and republicans differ on key issues, taxes versus cuts. >> he's played dozens of rounds of golf and has been awor on this issue. >> it seems like the leader is willing to tank the economy for the sake prof detectiving tax breaks for oil companies. yachts and jets. >> the white house wants congress to have a plan in place by july 22, giving time to hammer out details and line up votes needed. >> in a stunning reversal, prosecutors admit the case against the former head of the international monetary fund is falling apart. >> he walked out of a manhattan court this morning after a judge released him on his own recognizance. he is accused of trying to rape a hotel housekeeper in mai. prosecuters say the accuser lied to them about her
6:32 pm
past. they're worry aid jury might not believe her testimony. the attorneys want the case dropped. >> today is a first giant step in the right direction. the next step will lead to a complete dismissal of the charges. >> he is tree to travel but the court still holds his passport. >> libyan leader muammar gaddafi threatened to carry out tacks in europe unless nato stop tackses against his regime. the message just four days after the international criminal court issued an arrest warrant for gaddafi for crimes against humanity. it remains unclear if gaddafi can make good on the threat. a big finish on wall street pushes stocks to biggest weekly gain in two years. the dow jones soared 168 points to finish at 12,582. the dow gabed 648 points this
6:33 pm
week. and the nasdaq saw a big gain. and big jump in auto sales helped drive markets up. and google and yahoo reportedly potential bidders for an online video streaming site. and the san francisco 49ers say they've sold $138 million in luxury suites for proposed stadiums in santa clara. team officials say the sales show the support the project has in the south bay. >> maria shriver filed for divorce from arnold schwartzeneggar. did it not list date the couple separated. and comes six weeks after the former governor admitted
6:34 pm
fathering a child with the member of the cuppem's household staff. the kpet pet yigs seeks joint custody of their son autos a lot more to bring you at 6:00. giving care givers a helping hand. >> and a plan giving domestic workers more rights and some
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>> dozens of people protesting against the state budget cuts. among the demonstrators low income families and people with disabilities will be hit hard by cuts. the new budget slashes the program by 8%, child care aid by 15%. supplemental security income will be dropping to below federal poverty level sm. say this may push them into homelessness. a bill expanding rights and protections of workers in california coming under fire tonight from workers themselves. >> next week, california lawmakers will dr. c.a bill guaranteeing overtime pay and paid vacation for inhome care givers but some woorry the bill could cost them their jobs.
6:38 pm
>> and i live here five day autos she works caring for an elderly man in his berkeley home. his care is paid for by his family. she does not get paid overtime, per se, but skme whorjz work similar shifts make more than $200 per day. with overtime, that salary would more than double, she says it would force her client into a nursing home. >> i'm going to lose my job. nobody can afford that much money. >> what it will do to clients is that it will raise cost of their care so high, it's not going to be affordable. lower income will have ihss there. very wealthy will have their own employees. they don't need anybody like us. we take care of the middle class. >> san francisco democratic assemblyman is one of the co-sponsors of the bill.
6:39 pm
supporters include california domestic workers coalition and a group called hand in hand. >> we believe that this bill actually improves quality of care for seniors and people with disabilities as well as employers and don't think it affects affordibility. >> it's passed the full assembly. a state senate committee expected to pick it up know. week. -- up next week. >> just ahead where you can try to make your ideas a reality. >> i will never bat against american spirit. >> and continuing a visit to the tech shop. call it a gymnasium for adventures. >> they call filmore the heart and soul of san francisco. a lot going on tonight. we'll have a live report coming up. ttttttttttt
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bay area is known for innovation.
6:43 pm
wine freedman found a work shop that is an inventors paradise. >> if you prefer to hang around with those who do, as opposed to other who's merely talk about doing you might like this place. >> you're not a type a personality. for weeks now, he and his partner worked 15 hour days on an idea that might expand your ipad use. >> i was lying in bed streaming net flix. you can use your ipad in bed in the most comfortable position in the world. >> this is a place called tech shop. >> this is like a gymnasium for inventors. $100 gets access to every machine in here. if they can mashin something, they can probably build it. >> i will never bet against
6:44 pm
the american spirit. we're not done with manufacturing in the united states. >> mark hatch is betting on the american entrepreneurial spirit. we're long past the days of the assembly line, before. before big companies held the keys to development. tech shop is about empower oofl we've given people access to the tours for the cost of a bad coffee addiction. >> it's an an enclave of create activity. do you need access to a helix laser? no problem therk will train you. john knew nothing about welding. now, he's building a soap box car just for fun. >> there is a goal here. this drives you to learn. >> computers helped design products then talk to that machine. >> talk back for instance. and there took only a few
6:45 pm
weeks. mostly because he didn't have to spend thousands of dollars tooling up. it was here. >> this is things i can do here. >> this is the catalyst for our career. >> he said ipad products just received $35,000 in fund sog if you still insist americans don't make things anymore, take a ride down to howard street f you have an idea, it's all down here from here. >> in san francisco, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> that means very talented and creative people. >> hot is the word. >> now, we keep reminding you. it's going to be hot. and so we do have a hot holiday weekend coming our
6:46 pm
way. and taking a look at state wide upper 90s to 104. and 86 with a high in los angeles. all around the state, there is warm to hot weather and here in the bay area, no exceptions inland highs tomorrow, mid-90s, 96 in antioch. and there is 92 in napa. and fire works display here in san francisco, monday night at 9:30 should be highly visibility. temperatures on the mild sichld winds out of the west not too strong. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is sunday, high temperatures up to 100 degrees. temperatures dropping off a big two degrees on monday then up so we do have a hot spell of weather.
6:47 pm
>> and it is a big weekend in the filmore district. abc 7 don sanchez is live, two great he veents yes. it s you know? there is instant art on the street now. and there is things going on down all over the place. and there thing goesing on due to tomorrow's big jazz festival. the art walk is a celebration of the neighborhood. >> this is unifying communities. >> the art here comes in many forms, and even kids get involved. look what they've come up with. >> we make masks and costumes
6:48 pm
out of stuff that can't be recycled. >> this is a spirit of enthusiasm that drives this. >> this is going to be one of the biggest events this is the heart and soul of the sti and so it celebrated three days this weekend at the filmore jazz festival. 12 blocks and music, food and a lot of art. but the music legacy is celebrated daily. there is an exhibition in there now. visitors coming from around the world. music is an international language. >> this has become, you'll see the world influence on jazz. there are a number of artists coming and it doesn't mean swing or 50s beat. >> that is the guitarist in a
6:49 pm
sound check at yoshi's. you'll be on stage saturday afternoon. >> he's an mazing talent indeed. art walk going until midnight. and saturday, sunday, and monday, they expect perhaps 90,000 people will attend over those three days. >> and thank you so much. >> enjoying great weather. >> primed for upset at wimbledon. but did they happen? >> shu shows us if the top seed survived in the
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coming up... how the science behind joey chestnut and his competitive eating. >> then at 11:00, a group of young bay area singers about to depart on a trip most americans never get to take. >> and we're expecting an upset because someone said there was one. >> yes. sh snu.. >> close, close.
6:53 pm
>> and you know, okay. trying to get out of the pick. i thought there is going to be an upset today. and this club looking for the first male champion in 75 years. the drought continues, how about this row of champions? andy murray came out smoking. going to take the first set. the rediction is looking good. and he rallies in the second then check out the cut to the net. oh mirks goodness. and there is is a match point. defending champion now won 20 straight. there is no upsets and i knew carolyn will be all over this, and there is ace, taking first
6:54 pm
sets. and he answers in the third after a clip to the net. he has a great reaction. quick adjustment for the winner. too much novack in the fourth, he can't handle, and with the win, he overtakes world number one ranking from nadal. he'll advance to face... nadal. and okay, the giants taking a two-game losing streak to devoit to face the tigers. giants have been quiet and yesterday's loss was their first when leading going into the season. there is top first, johnson runners on the corner and a fly to left field line. he has to fight fans to make this catch. pushes off, and throws a frozen rope home at the plate. great play from wells. and it would come through in
6:55 pm
the 5th, this time he can walk home z giants going up, and there is a strike out in the 5th. and right now, tigers just scored. and we'll have those highlights for you at loerk. and nba lock out is official with the league shutting down for the first time last night at 9:01 p.m. teams can no longer contact agents or family members until an agreement is reached. a lot of players will be going overseas to play. some will just spend time with families. local agent who represents over 35 nba players is not optimistic about the lockout. >> i just feel frustrated. i feel that this league is in good shape. and with this global economy
6:56 pm
there is a lot of unstirn earthquake was a big game tomorrow night hosting red bulls. over 30,000 tickets have been sold. and players will be recognized pregame. so there is a great family outing. and is making this a great night of entertainment. >> there is a game in it. and i think there is kind of sup portd, too. >> and there is some golf. the shot of the day on 18 from the beach. there is a when he makes the cut. take me to your leader, check thought approach on nichblt so there is a six under 64 at
6:57 pm
seven under. and a's hosting diamond backs tonight. >> thank you. >> and finally here, eara cell racing packing up it's two catta marchans. >> the team heading to portugal for the first in a series of races. and the race in august. >> nine teams from eight nations have signed up to compete in what is being called america's cup world series. >> and it's not on to great blitin and these are preliminary races. the cup as you know takes place in san francisco bay over the summer of 2013. >> but weather just turn sod nice. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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